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For the massage of a lifetime in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. All of our massage services at Wellness Through Spa incorporate steamed towels and therapeutic essential oils with your approval. Your therapist will ask you before and during your massage, if these are elements you wish to include.

The pressure used during your massage therapy session can vary between light and heavy – and you have total control of this as well. Simply inform your therapist if the pressure used is not right for you and we will happily accommodate to the best of our ability.

Choose from Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage for any of the following massage appointments at Wellness Through Spa:

20 Min Massage $30

Perfect for a quick personal getaway for relaxation, get a taste of our services with a 20-minute massage.

40 Min Massage $55

When you have a little more time to spare, we can offer you our 40-minute massage.

60 Min Massage $95

When you have a full hour to spare to relax your mind and body or get some deeper tissue work done for healing, our 60-minute massage offers the full experience.

80 Min Massage $115

Our flagship treatment fuses all that you love about massage. Setting aside more than an hour for your massage allows us ample time to give full attention to detail in a unique session that is tailored to your specific needs.

100 Min Massage $135

You’d be surprised how quickly an hour passes when your body is in need of massage work. For pain, deep relaxation, or chronic discomfort, booking a longer session can be invaluable for your comfort. Our 100-minute massage allows for extra time to address trouble spots or just help you thoroughly unwind.

120 Min Massage $165

This thorough two-hour massage session includes hot stones, hot towels, our optional essential oils.

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